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Paula Service - artist

seaplane (2).jpg

I am a practicing artist living and working in Sydney's eastern suburbs. By carefully observing nature I enjoy capturing the wonderful coastline and beaches of Eastern New South Wales in oils and sometimes in acrylics. I am fascinated by the beauty and diversity of the landscape and enchanted and mesmerised by the sea in all it's moods.

Being passionate about painting and always striving to improve I was initially encouraged by my father in my childhood when we would go sketching along the shores of the Mersey in Liverpool, UK. I have been painting for more than thirty years between raising a family and work commitments. I am mostly self taught and have developed my own style.

I attended art classes in Canada, and in Sydney with the Royal Art Society NSW and Julian Ashton Art School.

Since arriving in Australia I am greatly motivated by the wonderful colours and fantastic light in this great southern land and moved by the natural beauty of the sea and coastal beaches.

I exhibit regularly and am represented in exhibitions with Randwick Art Society, the Combined Art Societies of Sydney and South Maroubra Village Art Show.



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